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TUL on the Polish Roadmap of Research Infrastructures

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education has published a listing of 70 outstanding ambitious scientific ideas of major socio-economic importance. Among them there are 7 projects involving the Lodz University of Technology.


The Polish Roadmap of Research Infrastructures was created to increase the chances for the development of specialized laboratories contributing to the improvement of the quality of research work and education. As Wojciech Murdzek, Minister of Science and Higher Education, says:


The Polish Roadmap of Research Infrastructures is a tool which is intended to facilitate for us (administration and scientific community) the development of such laboratories. The listing of 70 projects - a result of a transparent process conducted along international standards - is a collection of the most ambitious scientific ideas of major social and economic importance.


On behalf of the Lodz University of Technology, prof. dr hab. inż. Andrzej Napieralski and dr inż. Wojciech Cichalewski coordinate the activities in 3 projects that are included in this list. These are:


  • PolFEL – Polish Free Electron Laser,
  • E-XFEL – Free Electron Laser,
  • ESS – European Spallation Source.


Prof. dr hab. inż Andrzej Marcinek represents TUL in:

  • RAPID Center for Radiation Research and Technology.


Dr hab. inż. Maciej Sibiński coordinates at the Lodz University of Technology work within the project of:

  • National Laboratory for Photovoltaics (NLF).


Dr inż. Rafał Grzybowski, in turn, is reponsible for the participation of TUL in:

  • PIONIER-LAB – National Platform for Integration of Research Infrastructures with Innovation Ecosystems
  • National Data Warehouse. Universal Infrastructure for Storage and Sharing of Data and Efficient Processing of Large Data Volumes in HPC, BigData and Artificial Intelligence Models.


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Anna Boczkowska
 Polish Roadmap for Research Infrastructures