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Diploma section will be closed on March 14 and on March 21.

Information on diploma and diploma supplement

The graduate taking their diploma exam should complete all the formalities at the Dean’s Office, concerning the submission of all their records. Within 30 days from the day of the exam, the University issues the diploma with two additional copies, and renders it to the graduate. Every graduate of our University automatically receives the diploma supplement, without additional fees or formalities.


Every graduate is provided with an additional copy of their diploma and the supplement translated into English. A form with the translated title of the thesis/dissertation, confirmed by the supervisor, should be submitted to the Dean’s Office. One should attach 1 photograph, sized 45 x 65 mm, along with the fee transfer receipt for the copy of the diploma in English. Diploma Supplement in English is given automatically and free of charge to every student upon graduation.


To collect their diploma, one should report to the Dean’s Office with their identity document, or authorize another person to do it. The authorization should contain a signature authenticity proof, confirmed by the respective Dean within the Faculty, or by the notary.


Legal bases:

Regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of 6 August 2019 amending Regulation on the requirements and procedures for degree programmes in higher education institutions (Rozporządzenie ministra nauki i szkolnictwa wyższego z 6 sierpnia 2019 r. zmieniające Rozporządzenie ws. studiów: Text in Polish.

Date of record:2017-01-05
Date of actualization:2020-03-12

Submitted by:
Aleksandra Gajda