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TUL Laureates of Fulbright Program

The Polish – U.S. Fulbright Commission has announced a list of beneficiaries of the BioLAB 2020-21 Program. Magdalena Chlebicz, a student, and Jędrzej Rum, a PhD student, both from Lodz University of Technology, have been offered one-year internships at renowned research centers in the USA.


Magdalena Chlebicz is a final- year graduate student of biotechnology at the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences. She is going to intern at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation.


Jędrzej Rum is a PhD student at the TUL Interdisciplinary Doctoral School in the discipline of chemical sciences. He is going to do his year-long internship at the University of Virginia.


This year, a total of 41 students from Poland will go to research centers in the USA under the BioLAB 2020-21 program. The program is intended for master and doctoral degree students of biological-chemical and medical sciences. During the internship, students join in research teams working on projects in neurology, crystallography, virology, and molecular genetics.


BioLAB beneficiaries also take part in the everyday activities of American research institutes and universities, participate in seminars, guest lectures, and experience American cultural landscape.

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