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TUL in the campaign "Join IT in Łódź"

Lodz University of Technology together with ICT Central Poland Cluster created a series of video clips promoting requalification as one of the ways to combine a professional career with the IT industry. The campaign "Join IT in Łódź" shows that individuals without a degree or technical education can find their place in the ICT sector.


Contrary to the popular perception, it is not only the scientific minds - computer scientists, electronics engineers and graduates of other technical faculties - who can make their professional careers within the broadly understood IT industry but also those who have planned to pursue their careers in completely different fields.


One of the goals of the campaign is to support the idea of life-long learning promoted and implemented at the Lodz University of Technology and other universities in Lodz, and to present a wide range of possibilities for development and competence enhancement within the offer of Lodz universities. Companies from ICT Central Poland Cluster also offer development paths towards programmer positions.


The "Join IT in Łódź" campaign proves that a non-IT specialist in the IT industry can become a specialist in various areas: from the area of HR or project management, which are extremely important for business processes, through marketing to software tester or data analyst positions.


The participants of the "Join IT in Łódź" series decided to change their lives - start working not only in a new company, but in an industry with a completely different specificity. The video clips feature people who have successfully adapted to the new professional reality even though they had no IT background.


In the videos we will see employees in their working environment and learn about their stories. We will find out how they achieved success, what activities in the company helped them to retrain, adapt and develop in their new workplace. They will talk about their professional development path, as well as the ways of acquiring knowledge and skills.


The series is expected to present video material with characters from cluster companies in the following weeks of October on YouTube channel. The first clip airs on Tuesday, 14.10.

Date of record:2020-10-13
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Anna Boczkowska
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