sports and leisure activities

At TUL there is the Centre for Physical Education and Sport.


All students are obliged to attend sports and recreation courses. Beside general fitness courses, like callanetics and aerobics, the students can choose among the following sections: volleyball, basketball, judo, football, handball, athletics, badminton, tennis, table tennis, ice-skating, taekwondo, rock-climbing, yoga and body-building, squash.

The training sections can use three large game halls, a smaller gym and a playing field. A swimming pool is open to all for a small fee.

Once a month there is a "free recreation Saturday" when all the students have the opportunity to use the equipment, the game halls and the gym freely.

TUL’s teams often participate in academic sport competitions and gain awards for example in badminton or judo.

Sport activities are not limited to the Campus area. The University staff will advise you on other sports facilities available in Lodz.

For significant sport achievements students can obtain “sport support” – a certain amount of money paid monthly.

Date of record:2013-05-17
Date of actualization:2014-12-11

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