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Prof. Krzysztof Jóźwik: Each of us is an important cog in a machine called TUL

Prof. Krzysztof Jóźwik, Rector of TUL, talks in an interview about the management of the university in the conditions of the current pandemic, about the implementation of the tasks planned in the election program and priorities, which will strengthen the position of Lodz University of Technology on the national and European education and research market.


Congratulations on your election with the very strong support of the academic community. You are taking over the management of the university in a difficult period caused by the pandemic. To what extent will this hinder the operation of the university, including e.g. mobility, scientific contacts, or the implementation of projects?

Thank you very much indeed! It is difficult for me to say today how far our actions will be hampered by the epidemic situation in Poland and in the world. We want the educational process to return into the walls of our university as much as possible, but we must do it with great caution, bearing in mind the need for safety. At any time an outbreak of COVID and the resulting quarantine may appear at the university. This may have various consequences, difficult to predict today. In spite of this situation, we will try not to limit our scientific activity and it may partly transfer it to another level, communicate more remotely. We must also take into account how the pandemic is developing in other countries with which we are planning scientific cooperation and student exchange. We do not want to shut down. If our students will be doing their classes in a hybrid mode, then foreign students will study in the same mode.

My sincere request to the employees - please take care of your health and the health of everyone around you.


You proposed an ambitious agenda for the election. Which of the planned actions do you consider the most urgent?


Of course, it is extremely important to ensure the safety of employees and students, as I have already mentioned. I consider the intensive development of scientific research to be particularly important in this term. We want to especially motivate our researchers, as well as encourage young foreign employees to build research groups and to link their lives and scientific development with Lodz University of Technology. My program includes the Science Centre. I combine it with the work started by the Data and Strategic Analysis Centre. I want it to be a centre supporting all activities related to the development of science at our university.


Referring to other plans, I would like to say that we have started to apply for funds for a comprehensive renovation of the Rector's Office, we are preparing an application for obtaining money for a complete renovation of dormitory no. 2 what is more, the first stage of construction of the Alchemium complex will soon be completed.


Thanks to the efforts of Rector Prof. Sławomir Wiak, we managed to obtain the organization of the European Student Games EUSA in 2022. We have already started the process of appointing working groups responsible for the implementation of relevant parts of this great sporting event, and we will certainly benefit from very good cooperation with the city and other universities. Tatsiana Andrushka, who has experience in organizing international sports events, will play a leading role in the organizing committee. We want to officially launch our activities in the presence of EUSA representatives during the December Sports Gala, which will be held in Łódź.


We participate in Inicjatywa doskonałości – uczelnia badawcza - IDUB (Initiative for Excellence - Research University). A meeting was held in the Ministry on this matter. What are the conclusions of this meeting?


We will work intensively to accelerate the development of science, which is also a consequence of this meeting. Being among the universities that receive an increased subsidy, we are obliged to present how we use this subsidy. Speaking of the motivation system for authors of publications, including those supporting open access publications or the development of the Data and Strategic Analysis Centre, we have undoubtedly shown that we have not limited our activities to preparing applications for the status of a Research University. We will establish a Rector's Committee responsible for the implementation of the plans defined in the IDUB application, and we will also launch a website that will inform you about our participation in the program and the direction we want to go in. We will soon inform our academic community about the next steps.


What actions do you plan to take so that TUL bcomes a significant European university in the EUA University 2030 program?


Our application to the international network of universities has not been successful, but we are still in talks with partners to maintain the planned cooperation outside the application. Even though the "European Universities" competition does not exist at this point, we are continuing to act because we want to be a partner in a network of European scientific institutions. We have started talks to return to the ECIU network - European Consortium of Innovative Universities. This is very important because strengthening the effects of scientific work, both on the publication side and possible involvement of good young researchers from abroad will make us a noticeable player on the European arena. This is a dream, not only for me but also for many employees of our university.


Are we such a player in the area of education?


I believe so. We are developing modern educational methods that support students in developing the necessary competences, stimulate discussion and active development. We are better and better prepared for this in terms of infrastructure and equipment.


We all want to make Lodz Akademicka a well-known brand in Poland and worldwide. What role do you think Lodz University of Technology will play in this matter?


I was invited by the President to the Monitoring Committee of the Integrated Development Strategy of Łódź 2020+, where one of the important elements is the education of the new generation. During the meeting with the Marshal we talked about using the potential of Lodz University of Technology for the development of the region.


What would you like to add something that I didn't ask about?


I would like to ask the whole community of Lodz University of Technology, all employees, students and PhD students to always act bearing in mind that Lodz University of Technology, even if we are here only for a few years of studies, will always remain our university, to promote it well and be proud of it. I would like our university to be vibrant with life. The pandemic has thwarted my plans a little bit, but even in the current situation, it is extremely important to feel that you are - I will say it like a mechanic - an important cog in this large machine called Lodz University of Technology.




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