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Over 13 million for TUL for 'Integrated Programme'

By 2022, when the project ends, over 1700 students in all faculties and 300 staff members, academic teachers and administrative staff, will have benefited from the Lodz University of Technology Integrated Programme.

Lodz University of Technology was granted over 13 million zloty by the National Centre for Research and Development, which is an executive body of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, for the project 'Integrated Programme' whose one objective is the implementation of new curricula, the improvement of employees' competences, and the strengthening of education management.


30 educational modules included in 9 programmes of study are planned to be redesigned during the project. The changes are not to be minor as they are supposed to result in the implementation, with the participation of international teaching staff, of an innovative model of education, namely, the so called flipped education.  Many other activities will further facilitate the achievement of the best quality of education, e.g. lectures conducted by professors representing international universities, certified training programmes, study visits, and projects carried out at business organizations.


'Lodz University of Technology Integrated Programme' will involve academic teachers and facilitate their professional development and strengthen their competences. About 150 employees will complete specialized training programmes in Poland and abroad. Visits to international universities have been planned, among others, to the University of Queensland and the University of Manchester. Training programmes for management and  administrative staff will be provided to improve their command of foreign languages, management skills, and technology transfer competences.


The project also envisions the implementation of a special information technology system which will significantly improve the quality of the provided educational services. The Business Process Management System will provide integrated tools for handling student affairs and the teaching process. A Careers Service software application will be compatible with the system, and will provide additional support for students and alumni as well as facilitate communication with employers.


'Lodz University of Technology Integrated Programme' means a number of activities to improve the quality and effectiveness of education also in the process of internationalization. The project will be carried out with the funds from the European Social Fund, Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development 2014-2020.


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