Health insurance

Students/ PhD students until 26 are supposed to benefit from the parents'  the health insurance. When they are over 26 they should inform the University about their will to use the insurance provided by the University if they do not possess it e.g. from work.

According to the Law, the University reports to the health insurance and pays the insurance for:

1). Students and PhD students when they present a document which states that they are not insured in any other way,

2) Foreigners- students and PhD students when they are considered as students with Polsih origin according to the binding law or who are the holders of the Polsih Charter.

In order to have the insurance paid, all the relevant documents must be handed in to the office of Student Office, Al. Politechniki 3A. The documents for a given month are collected until 7th of the given month. It is necessary to inform the University about any circumstances which may affact the payment of the insurance (e.g. work, graduation, possibility to benefit from th insurance of the housband/ wife).

Date of record:2008-12-09
Date of actualization:2015-12-11

Submited by:
Agnieszka Michałowska-Dutkiewicz,