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EUA completes international institutional evaluation of TUL

Lodz University of Technology is one of the three Polish universities to have been undergone institutional evaluation by EUA. The processes has just been completed.


The Institutional Evaluation Program (IEP) EUA team visited Lodz University of Technology twice during the evaluation process. The team met with the University leaders and staff, as well as students and external stakeholders. All this was done in order to point out the strengths and weaknesses of TUL in the area of management, education, research, cooperation with the environment, and quality culture, with particular emphasis on internationalization.The IEP team appreciated TUL's rich academic offer and its alignment to the needs of the job market. They stressed the fact that it translates into high employability of the University graduates. They also recognized the importance accorded to completion of traineeship during the process of study and that students declared that they were well prepared to take up professional career. In the final report, attention was drawn to the wide scope of cooperation between TUL and its socioeconomic environment and the many good practices applied at the University, e.g. participation of industry representatives in teaching reviews - TUL's rector, prof. Sławomir Wiak, explained. - The comprehensiveness and effectiveness of CWM was rated very highly. Its significant role in internationalization of TUL and in building its international reputation was emphasized.


Equally highly rated by the experts was the system of support provided to students. The EUA team found it comprehensive and responsive to the needs of students, paying particular attention to the large number of student organizations and the support of student initiatives.


The EUA - IEP quality mark is recognized throughout Europe. It increases visibility and attractiveness of the University in the European Research Area. It also increases its capacity for membership of international research teams, networks, and consortia. All the above mentioned factors contribute to the implementation of the activities specified in the University's development strategy. The evaluation is granted for 5 years..


The evaluation report concerning Lodz University of Technology is now available on the IEP (EUA) website.


The IEP evaluation by EUA is financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education under the POWER program "Foreign Accreditation". The aim is to obtain foreign accreditation and certificates of industry commissions by Polish universities to enhance international competitiveness of universities. The EU funding for the project totals 84.28%, whereas the remaining funds are provided by the state budget.

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Anna Boczkowska