A word from the Rector


Ladies and Gentleman,


24th May 2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of Lodz University of Technology – the only public technical university in the region of Lodz and one of the best in Poland.


The Jubilee year is a very special and a crucially important time for the entire academic community as well as for the socio-economic environment of our University, which is reflected in the appointment of the Honorary Committee and the Patronage Committee whose members represent regional and local authorities, science institutions and business and with whom our University cooperates closely.


The time of the Jubilee spurs reflection on the 70 years of tradition and values that Lodz University of Technology has passed down to nearly 100 000 graduates. Those superbly educated engineers are our pride and an affirmation of the path we have chosen to follow. Today, many of them are our partners – representatives of companies with which we carry out most advanced research projects. Together, we develop cutting edge technologies that are subsequently transferred to the biggest enterprises in the country and abroad.

Our graduates have long been held in high-esteem, our University has consistently been ranked high in many rankings and awarded many a prestigious distinction – all of which are proof that our educational and research offer meets national and European standards and guarantees the best quality.

We are proud of what we have come to achieve so far. We look boldly to the future confident that we will rise to all of the challenges that a modern university of technology must meet.

The future is our destination, development and growth in many areas of life – our mission and our dream that we have been pursuing ever since the establishment of the University. The events of the Jubilee are a great opportunity to present what a modern and renowned higher education institution Lodz University of Technology has become. Please, join us in celebrating the 70th anniversary of the University establishment.


Professor Stanisław Bielecki Ph.D., D.Sc.


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