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TUL's scientists report promising research results for cancer diagnosis

The first in Europe IN VIVO Raman optical biopsy and surgical navigation of the brain has been performed at TUL.


Prof. Halina Abramczyk, Head of a research team at the Institute of Applied Radiation Chemistry who have developed a novel technique that applies Raman spectroscopy to cancer diagnosis, has reported further development in the team's research work.


 - A few days ago, the first in Europe in vivo Raman optical biopsy of a live rat's brain was successfully performed at the Laboratory of Laser Molecular Spectroscopy of Lodz University of Technology. The results fully confirmed previous results for Ramen biomarkers in ex vivo human tissue - prof. Abramczyk reported.


The optical biopsy technique for cancer detection and diagnosis developed by the TUL's researchers is completely safe for the patient and enables the grading of cancer and cancerous cell detection with the accuracy of a fraction of a micrometer.


- The procedure involves a fiber optic probe focusing laser light to the suspicious tissue and an analysis of the tissue response generated within seconds as Raman spectra. The procedure does not require surgical removal of the patient's tissue but merely that a fiber optic probe is placed on the suspicious tissue ­- Prof. Abramczyk explains.


The tests completed at the TUL's Faculty of Chemistry involved brain, breast, head and neck, and gastrointestinal tract tumors.

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Anna Boczkowska,
Prof. Halina Abramczyk w laboratorium na PŁ foto. Jacek Szabela