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TUL's Chemical technology awarded European certification

The Faculty of Chemistry, TUL, has been confirmed to train chemical technology specialists to the highest standards. The degree program in Chemical Technology run by the Faculty has been awarded the EUR-ACE® Label (European Accredited Engineering Bachelor Degree). 


During an online meeting on April 23rd, the Accreditation Commission of Universities of Technology (KAUT) took the decision to grant certification to first-cycle degree program in Chemical Technology. The experts, having analyzed the Report of the Evaluation Team, accredited the program for 5 years.


The evaluation panel highlighted the strengths of the Faculty of Chemistry, TUL, including well-equipped technology laboratories, robustly operating Business Council, involvement of prominent industry practitioners in the educational process, and extensive cooperation with secondary schools in many educational programs.


The KAUT accreditation process aims to ensure that the quality of education conforms with the best European standards and the requirements of the socio-economic environment of the university.

Date of record:2020-05-06
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Anna Boczkowska