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TUL will receive a 5.4 million zloty grant for the construction of a passive office building

Lodz University of Technology will receive a 5.4 million zloty grant for "The Construction of a passive office building for the University's administration and student services, and for energy efficient outdoor lighting". The project was deemed valuable in the Łódzkie Voivodeship 2014-2020 RPO competition related to air protection and low emission economy.  


- This will be the first infrastructural investment of its kind for Lodz University of Technology. This project aligns us with this type of actions. Passive building is one of the most advanced forms of energy efficient construction that has been enjoying growing popularity and that is why it would be impossible not to implement the latest solutions in this area in a technical university. What drives the investment is the need to improve air quality - professor Sławomir Wiak, the rector, says. - We have observed a growing demand for applications of renewable sources. At the same time, more and more countries strive to replace conventional fossil resources which are running out and whose exploitation is a cause of environmental pollution. In this situation, it is extremely meaningful to invest in passive buildings which guarantee low energy consumption and are less of an environmental burden.


The planned investment of an overall value of 9.2 million zloty will be completed on Campus A of Lodz University of Technology at 175 Wólczańska Street. The outdoor lighting in this area of the University premises will be replaced with energy efficient lighting that takes advantage of green technologies.


The essence of passive buildings consists in the reduction of the amount of energy used for the regular building operation, especially  major reduction of energy required for heating and water heating, which directly translates into proportionally lower emissions of harmful compounds into the atmosphere. Application of advanced technologies will in turn result in lowering the cost of grid power.  

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