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TUL scientists in an international research project

Scientists from Lodz University of Technology are going to conduct innovative research in an international environment. The European Union has awarded 10.6 million euro for the HIPERION project (Hybrid Photovoltaics for Efficiency Record using Integrated Optical TechNology) - Hybrid photovoltaic cells with record-breaking efficiency using integrated optical technology.  


As Dr. Ing. Jacques Levrat, a project coordinator from Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique SA - Recherche et Developpement (CSEM) of Switzerland, has explained the project will make it possible to build a pilot installation for the implementation of a breakthrough photovoltaic technology, designed by the Swiss start-up Insolight. The technology developed by Insolight achieves 29% efficiency, which is well above the performance levels of standard photovoltaic (PV) panels that typically achieve 18-20%.  The system uses an optical micro-tracking process that funnels sunlight to classic solar panels. Unlike standard PV, the system works well also under overcast skies. It can be installed on a conventional rooftop or an above-ground rack as an overlay on other solar panels.

At Lodz University of Technology the work will be carried out at the Faculty of Process and Environmental Engineering (WIPOŚ). - Our role in the project is to determine the environmental effects associated with the construction, operation, maintenance and waste management at the end of the system life cycle. Specifically, the task is to determine the "environmental payback period" after which clean energy produced by the panels will compensate for the environmental costs of the system construction and operation - explains prof. Ireneusz Zbiciński, project coordinator at TUL.


The project is scheduled to start this month (September 2019) and to run for four years under Horizon 2020 in the field: "Enhancing competitiveness of the EU photovoltaic industry". It aims to strengthen the competitiveness of the EU solar power sector in the segment of high-efficiency energy technologies.


HIPERION was developed by a consortium of 16 research organizations and leading industry partners. CSEM (Switzerland) is the coordinator of the consortium and the project includes: Insolight SA startup (Switzerland); European PV research centres, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain), Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (Germany), Lodz University of Technology (Poland); industry partners: Mondragon Assembly (Spain), X-Celeprint (Ireland), Argotech a.s. (Czech Republic), IQE plc (Great Britain), Sonceboz (Switzerland), 3S Solar Plus (Switzerland) i ENGIE Laborelec (Belgium); Muon Electric (Portugal), Milieu Studio (France); and the coordinating and communication agencies: Compaz (Switzerland) and L-UP SAS (France).


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