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Tło główne
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TUL scientists’ blog

A new website for technology – a blog by Lodz University of Technology scholars, is now available in English.


Visit the blog to read popular science posts by members of the academic staff of  Lodz University of Technology. The website features articles related to research conducted by Lodz University of Technology scientists as well as comments on global reports from different areas of science. In a straightforward way, the bloggers explain problems such as applications of robotics to medicine, technologies for salt water desalination, and ‘liquid crystals’  in monitor displays.


The posts include analyses of current events such as the first ever fatal accident caused by an autonomous vehicle  and switching to daylight saving time.


The blog’s interdisciplinary character and open form are its inarguable advantage. Regularly, new authors contribute to the blog and new categories of topics are added.


Wouldn’t you like to pitch in?

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