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TUL in Łódzki Klaster Fala Energii

Veolia Energia Łódź S.A. together with  Aqua Park Łódź sp. z o.o., Lodz University of Technology, and the Energy and Mineral Resources Management Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences have launched  Łódzki Klaster Fala Energii (Surge of Energy Cluster of Łódź). The agreement on the establishment of the the cluster was signed on 17 July at the Office of the Rector of  Lodz University of Technology.


The expected benefits from the establishment of the Cluster include mainly:

  • reduction in the cost of energy,
  • addressing local problems related to, inter alia, low emissions,
  • development of new sources of energy, including distributed generation,
  • greater public awareness in terms of environmental attitudes.


The signatories of the agreement were: prof. dr hab. inż. Sławomir Wiak - Rector of Lodz University of Technology, dr hab. inż. Krzysztof Galos prof. nadzw. PAN - Director of the Energy and Mineral Resources Management Research Institute, PAN, Andrzej Pirek - President of the Board of Aqua Park Łódź Sp. z o.o. and on behalf of Veolia Energia Łódź S.A., Anna Kędziora-Szwagrzak - President of the Board, General Director and Sławomir Jankowski - Member of the Board, Development Director.


The Łódzki Klaster Fala Energii was conceived to ensure local energy security, to protect the natural environment, and to increase the competitiveness and economic efficiency of the local economy. The cluster will operate in the municipality of Łódź.


The main goal of the cluster is close cooperation of its members in the area of renewable energy development that will lead to the increased use of renewable energy sources, such as geothermal springs, photovoltaics, and co-generation, and effective distribution of generated power through existing systems. Cooperation between scientific and research and development institutions will help stimulate innovation in the field of power generation, distribution, balancing, storage, and management of demand for electric power, heating and cooling. It is also supposed to lead to effective commercialization of research and scientific projects with market potential, their incubation, and matching them with potential investors or buyers. The activities of the Cluster are to support a green, low-carbon economy.


Furthermore, the members of the cluster set themselves the goal of building public awareness concerning effective generation and consumption of power and heat.


The Łódzki Klaster Fala Energii is open to new partners, which may be legal entities, including scientific institutions, research institutes, and organizations without the status of a legal person, which would like to cooperate with the members of the cluster in the pursuit of its goals.

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Anna Boczkowska,
podpisanie umowy Łódzki Klaster "Fala Energii"