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TUL a leader in mobility

According to the latest Erasmus+ ranking, Lodz University of Technology is ranked 1st among technical universities in terms of the number of students mobility abroad. We are also ranked high, 7th among all universities in Poland.


A good result of our university in the aforementioned ranking is not surprising. For over 25 years Lodz University of Technology has been paying special attention to the multidimensional benefits of mobility - both for the staff and students. In 1997, in all programs implemented in English within the International Faculty of Engineering, the so-called Mobility Semester/Mobility Window was introduced, which became an integral part of the IFE study path. Lodz University of Technology was one of the first universities in Poland and Europe to decide on a systemic implementation of such an innovative solution.


Many years of experience and opinions gathered among the graduates of the mobility programs show very clearly that this very part of the education process has decided to the greatest extent about the development of key competences, ensuring the possibility of employing our graduates on the global labour market.


The experience gained through mobility influences the development of students in three very important pillars - educational, linguistic and cultural. Each of them is equally important, but only the combination of all three types of acquired competences allows for the full development of key skills, related to taking up complex challenges and adapting quickly and flexibly to a dynamically changing environment.


Daily life of a student who realizes the process of education in a different system and culture allows for a much more effective and quicker development of competences such as ease of initiative, perseverance, creativity, curiosity and critical thinking.


Apart from the development of our students' predispositions, one of the main priorities of Lodz University of Technology is to create an international brand of the university under the slogan TUL as a place of useful and active learning. We are very keen to make Lodz University of Technology famous in Europe and in the world for its high quality of education and innovative solutions for student learning. In order to make this possible, we carry out a number of pro-quality activities, improving teaching competences of our staff and implement didactic partnership programs with the best teachers in the world. All these activities are to ensure the fastest possible transfer of good educational practices. We hope that the consistent implementation of this strategic goal will allow us to become a leader in mobility in the near future, also in terms of the number of incoming students.


Date of record:2020-10-07
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Anna Boczkowska
Budynek Centrum Kształcenia Międzynarodowego PŁ (IFE) fot. archiwum PŁ