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TUL increases cooperation with SKANSKA

The agreement concluded on 19th July provides for expert cooperation in research, education and human resources between Skanska SA and the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering (BAIŚ).



The agreement includes green and sustainable building, asphalt and concrete technologies, geotechnology and digitalization. ‘We are commencing science and research activities geared towards joint projects embracing industrial research and development projects’, explains dr hab. inż. Renata Kotynia, prof. PŁ, vice dean in the BAIŚ Faculty. ‘This is a very good start of our cooperation. Soon, we will be able to share successful outcomes of the first cooperative projects’.


The Skanska Centre for Research and Innovation will be in charge of the cooperation with Lodz University of Technology. Collaboration with research institutions, universities and external partners are among the Centre’s priorities. ‘Development of advanced solutions requires that an environment conducive to science and business collaboration be created. The potential stemming from academic cooperation with the macro environment is enormous. Knowledge transfer and joint efforts aimed at development of new products, materials and services play the key role here’, believes Marek Malinowski, director of the Skanska Centre for Research and Innovation.


Skanska is one of the major construction and development companies in the world. It currently employees 43 000 people in Europe and in the American continent. In Poland, Skanska employs nearly 8 000 workers in three companies: Skanska SA, Skanska Property Poland, Skanska Residential Development Poland.


The BAIŚ Faculty educates students in the following fields of study: civil engineering, architecture, environmental engineering, and spatial economy. The Faculty actively increases its international cooperation both in research and in teaching and learning. The Faculty boasts two accredited testing laboratories: the Laboratory of Building Physics and Building Materials – accreditation certificate of testing laboratory, EU notification, and the Laboratory of Building Materials and Structures - accreditation certificate of testing laboratory, and two other laboratories that are of great import to the region: the Laboratory of Geotechnics and the Laboratory of Environment Engineering.

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Agnieszka Garcarek-Sikorska,
Podpisanie umowy pomiędzy Wydziałem BAIŚ i firmą Skanska.