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TUL gets nearly 100 million zl for a new investment

Lodz University of Technology is going to have a new building complex on Campus A. An agreement concerning this matter was signed on April 6 by the deputy prime minister and the minister of science and higher education, Mr Jarosław Gowin, and the rector of Lodz University of Technology, professor Sławomir Wiak.


By the decision of the deputy prime minister and the minister of science and higher education we are receiving a major grant – 97.5 million zl for a redevelopment project, which is aligned perfectly with the new statutory law on higher education – the 2.0 statutory law – professor Sławomir Wiak, TUL’s rector, said during the meeting.


The ministry will provide funds for the investment called ‘Alchemium – the magic of tomorrow’s chemistry. Development of a modern conference – education – laboratory building for the Faculty of Chemistry of Lodz University of Technology’, the total cost of which is estimated at 113.1 million zl.

- The new building of the Faculty of Chemistry shall replace the current structure, which is in a bad technical condition, and will allow us to bring together units that today are scattered around the campus. The investment is important to us not only because of the modern laboratory  infrastructure for the faculty but also because of the equally important auditorium – conference space it will provide. Prof. Sołtan Hall, where currently most of University events are held, has its historical value, yet it does not meet modern standards for this type of prestigious university venues- TUL’s rector said.


Thanks to the grant, Lodz University of Technology will be able to afford the construction of a modern facility comprised of two structures connected with a roofed passageway: the conference and teaching center, and the laboratory and teaching facility of the Faculty of Chemistry.


It is an important moment for me because it is the largest infrastructural grant. No other university has received such a grant in this term of office. It is almost 100 million zl. Lodz University of technology is one of the best developing Polish universities and doubtless leader among all universities in terms of its readiness for reforms and new solutions- minister Jarosław Gowin said.


The value of the first stage of the investment project, planned to be completed in the years 2018-2020, is 50 300 000 zl, including the ministerial grant of 45 000 000 zl. The second stage – the teaching and laboratory building of the Faculty of Chemistry – to be carried out in the years 202102024, shall cost 62 800 000zł, 52 500 000 zl of which will be provided by the Ministry.


In the new structure, there will be room for 500 academic and administrative staff, and 900 students and doctoral students. It will be a six-level building with five above-ground floors and one below-ground floor. The building’s volume is 99163 m3, whereas its height is 23.55 m. The 16 616 m2 of the Alchemium floor area will accommodate 124 conference, laboratory and teaching rooms. The Conference Centre has been designed to house a ceremonial hall for 500 guests equipped with the latest multimedia equipment, the Senate Hall of Lodz University of Technology and the boardroom of the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Chemistry. The new building will be adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.

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