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Tremendous success for TUL in the 2019 Perspektywy Rankings

The "Perspektywy" Foundation for Education announced (June 12) the results of the 20th Rankings of Higher Education Institutions. Lodz University of Technology advanced by one place, to the 5th position, in the cohort of technical universities,  and sprang as many as 4 places up in the general classification - from 12th to 8th rank.


In the Ranking of Technical Universities, the first three places have not changed as compared to 2018, with the Warsaw University of Technology in the first place followed by AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków and the Wrocław University of Technology in the second and third places respectively.


In the General Ranking of Universities, the first place (ex aequo) is held by the University of Warsaw and the Jagiellonian University. They are followed by the Warsaw University of Technology. Lodz University of Technology ranks 8th (ex aequo) with the University of Wroclaw and the Medical University of Gdansk.


In the 20th edition of the Rankings of Higher Education Institutions, in the general group of academic institutions, 100 schools were rated, and in the group of technical universities - 23. The following criteria were taken into account in the evaluation: graduates in the job market, reputation, innovation, and internationalization.


The Committee chaired by professor Michał Kleiber, former President of the Polish Academy of Sciences, monitors the integrity and validity of the proceedings in the "Perspektywy" Rankings of Higher Education Institutions.

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Anna Boczkowska,
Rektor PŁ, prof. S.Wiak na uroczystości ogłoszenia wyników Rankingu Perspektyw, fot. Piotr Nerling