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Tomasz Marszałek among first team winners

The Foundation for Polish Science granted over 25 million zloty to young scientists for their first research teams. Among the 13 laureates of the FIRST TEAM competition there is dr inż. Tomasz Marszałek of the Department of Molecular Physics in the Faculty of Chemistry, TUL.



The laureate will receive almost 2 million zloty to build his research team and complete the project ‘Self-standing, flexible and solution processable organic field effect transistors for complementary inverter applications’.


Dr Marszałek has explained that the proposed project consists in further development of the research that he conducted during his doctoral studies with prof. Jacek Ulański of the Faculty of Chemistry as his mentor. His newly established research team will continue to work on self-supporting, flexible transistors and their application as core components in the design of flexible electronic systems. ‘I expect that as a result of the project, outcomes will be achieved that will make an important contribution to the areas defined in the list of the National Smart Specializations as “Electronics based on intrinsically conductive polymers” and “Sensors and intelligent sensor networks”, said the laureate of the competition.


The FIRST TEAM programme provides support to young scientists at the crucial stage in their careers when they start to build their scientific self-reliance and independence and helps them take on the most interesting research challenges’, says dr Tomasz Poprawka, Deputy Director of the FNP Programme Division. Grant winners may receive up to 2 million zloty for a three-year period. The grants are funded from the Smart Growth Operational Programme. This has been the third edition of the FIRST TEAM competition. The call for applications for the next edition opens on 1st August.


Dr inż. Tomasz Marszałek graduated from three TUL’s faculties. He received his inżynier degree from the Faculty of Technical Physics, Information Technology and Applied Mathematics, his magister degree from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, and his doctoral degree from the Faculty of Chemistry.

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Agnieszka Garcarek-Sikorska,
Dr inż. Tomasz Marszałek, laureat programu FNP - FIRST TEAM