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Three leaders from TUL

The ranking list of the XI competition of the National Centre for Research and Development of the LEADER Programme included 60 projects. Three of them will be implemented at Lodz University of Technology, for a total amount of over PLN 3.7 million.


The winners of the Leader Programme from TUL were: dr inż. Igor Zubrycki, dr inż. Michał Lipian and mgr inż. Jakub Walczak.

dr inż. Igor Zubrycki, laurat projektu LIDER z PŁ, fot. arch.prywatneDr inż. Igor Zubrycki is an assistant professor at the Institute of Automation and Robot Control at the Faculty of Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Control Engineering (EEIA) TUL. He and his team are working on the first Polish tool for active hand rehabilitation, based on soft robotics.


- The aim of the project is to develop innovative, disposable tools for hand rehabilitation and a system that allows the development of customized rehabilitation using the achievements of soft robotics and artificial intelligence – explains dr Igor Zubrycki. - The project will enable the implementation of these achievements in the rehabilitation of the hands of patients suffering from neuropathy after chemotherapy or post-stroke paralysis.


The project Disposable and customised tools to support hand rehabilitation is carried out by an interdisciplinary team of scientists from the EEiA, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of TUL and Medical University of Łódź. The tools created by engineers and doctors will be adapted to the patient's needs, and the elements that come into contact with humans will be disposable and biodegradable.

dr inż. Michał Lipian, laureat projektu LIDER z PŁ, fot. arch. prywatne


Dr inż. Michał Lipian from the Institute of Turbomachinery at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering received funding for the project NUTRIA – Shielded main tandem rotor for Polish electromobility.

-  The project aims to create a rotor concept for a small passenger flying vehicle. Such a device is to operate in an urban environment, where its high efficiency and low noise emission are important. The project includes research as well as aerodynamic and aeroacoustic optimization thanks to which the NUTRIA rotor will successfully compete with market solutions,”- says dr Michał Lipian.

The NUTRIA project will be implemented by a team of aerodynamic specialists from the Institute of Turbomachinery of TUL. The universities which have also expressed their willingness to participate in the research include: Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft des Saarlandes (Germany) and Technical University of Sofia (Bulgaria).


Jakub Walczak, laureat programu LIDER z PŁ, fot. arch. prywatneMgr inż. Jakub Walczak is a graduate of the International Faculty of Engineering, at present a PhD student at the Faculty of Technical Physics, Information Technology and Applied Mathematics at the Institute of Computer Science of TUL. He deals with the implementation of the data management and analysis system at the CMCC Foundation - Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change.


- My PhD research, although also related to the analysis of data, is of a slightly different nature, as it concerns three-dimensional laser scans, which are supposed to simplify the widely understood interior analysis – explains Jakub Walczak. – If we imagine that we have an accurate laser scanner, we place it in the room and after a few minutes we have a precise description of the entire space with dimensions, wall surface, a list of objects located in it, etc. It would be a great simplification and acceleration of work, even in terms of taking inventory of premises.


The funding which the PhD student from TUL has received as part of the Leader XI programme will be allocated largely for a high-performance computing server and a precise laser scanner, which will be used to develop a reference database.

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