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Textile charger developed at TUL

At the Faculty of Materials Technology and Textile Design of Lodz University of Technology a technology has been developed that allows you to power mobile electronic devices with a textile charger. The invention may replace the heavy, and often large, power banks available today, which usually contain toxic substances.

The author of the innovation is professor Katarzyna Grabowska, who has been working on her creative project through research on the structure and properties of fancy (novelty) and hybrid yarns.

Textile chargers can be applied already at the stage of clothing production and constitute its permanent feature or it can be a separate product. It allows you to charge your smartphone or tablet with the movement of your body, e.g. during running or other physical activity - the author of the innovative device, professor K. Grabowska explains.


The technology involves sewing an electromagnetic induction yarn into one part of the garment, which, when connected by wires to a voltage converter, supplies the electronic device with power.  A permanent magnet is placed in another part of the garment that remains in close contact with the first one. As the two components (i.e. the magnet and the yarn) move in a pendulum motion in relation to each other while the user goes about his/her daily activities, electric current is induced and converted to meet power supply specifications of the connected mobile electronic device.


The new charger is impact and weather resistant. The idea behind the PŁ technology is to provide users with constant access to power to maintain operation of mobile devices. Consequently, this device will eliminate the nuisance of having to charge your phone or tablet frequently.


Currently, the invention has received funding from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education under the INNOVATION INCUBATOR 2.0 scheme, which aims to support the process of research output management by promoting technologies and taking part in selected exhibitions and fairs. These activities shall lead to finding a business partner in order to complete the research and demonstrate the final version of the technology as a market-ready product.

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Anna Boczkowska
Prof. Katarzyna Grabowska z PŁ, foto. Jacek Szabela