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Success of Lodz University of Technology with Innovation Incubator 4.0

Lodz University of Technology, the leader of the grant application submitted jointly with The Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa, has been awarded PLN 1,899,100 (including PLN 1,179,100 for TUL) for direct support of research applicable in the industry. The application was rated second best on the ranking list of 37 evaluated applications, following the University of Warsaw.


- In accordance with the adopted strategic plan, Lodz University of Technology maintains strong cooperation with business environment, giving priority to projects of applicational nature. I believe innovation in science and research to be our mission. Commercialization of projects first developed in the University laboratories is one of the most important aspects. – TUL rector, professor Sławomir Wiak stated.

The project will be carried out by the Centre for Cooperation with the Economy, Innovation, and Technology Transfer of Lodz University of Technology (CWGITT). - Research groups from our university and The Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa will be able to obtain grants for projects which, in the future, will be commercialized via spin-offs, sale of rights or licensing. The CWGITT team will also promote university inventions in international markets. – Grzegorz Kierner, director of the Centre, emphasized.

This has been the third project implemented by the university to support the process of research and development output management, mainly in the field of its commercialization.

Date of record:2020-08-14
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Anna Boczkowska