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Student Innovator from TUL

The winners of the 8th edition of the National Student - Innovator Competition organized annually by Kielce University of Technology have been announced. Mgr inż. Anna Rył a doctoral student from TUL is one of them.


Students, doctoral students, and alumni who authored or co-authored an invention or a utility model during the course of their degree programme are eligible to participate in the competition. 78 submissions presenting 123 innovations developed at 24 higher education institutions and science and research institutes were assessed by the competitions jury. The competition judges awarded five equal prizes and five honourable mentions. Seven special prizes were also awarded.


Mgr inż. Anna Rył, a doctoral student in the Faculty of Process and Environmental Engineering is one of the winners. She was awarded a special prize sponsored by the president of INWEX Innovation and Implementation Unit for her method of preparation of thermosensitive chitosan-based hydrogels for injectable scaffolds for osteoblast differentiation. Dr hab. Zofia Modrzejewska and dr inż. Piotr Owczarz co-authored the innovation.


The winning solution was developed as a result of research that Anna Rył started when working on her master thesis under the supervision of dr inż. Piotr Owczarz. The doctoral student also took part in a research project with dr hab. Zofia Modrzejewska, the project manager, where her work concentrated on rheological properties of complex fluids. As a result of this work, Anna Rył has co-authored a number of scientific publications and presented her research results in many national and international conferences. 

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