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Sonatina grant recipient

Dr. Aleksandra Twarda-Cłapa from the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences of Lodz University of Technology received a Sonatina grant from the National Science Centre (NCN).


Dr. Twarda-Cłapa works at the Institute of Molecular and Industrial Biotechnology at TUL. The funding received from the NCN will allow her to carry out a project related to research on human protein - stabilin -2, which has a significant share in many physiological and pathological processes taking place in the human body. 


- The main reason for undertaking research on stabilin-2 is its significant participation in many physiological and pathological processes, e.g. in tumorigenesis and drug delivery to cells, and its relation to diet and diabetes. This protein occurs on the surface of cells lining blood vessels in the liver, lymph nodes and other organs. It is a so-called "sweeper" receptor, which recognizes different molecules circulating in the bloodstream and "sweeps" them into the cells, explains Dr. Twarda-Cłapa.

According to the author of the project, the latest scientific discoveries have shown that stabilin-2 transports, among other things, short DNA fragments to cells that can be used in gene therapies. Providing active molecules to cells is still a great challenge for medicine. Side effects should also be known during therapy development.


The grant will also allow to finance a foreign internship at the Institute for Structural Biology at the Helmholtz Zentrum München in Germany.

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Anna Boczkowska