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Researchers of TUL are developing a new generation of photovoltaic hybrid panels

In the Department of Semiconductor and Optoelectronic Devices at Lodz University of Technology, scientists are working on an innovative solution - hybrid photovoltaic panels.


The team led by Prof. Zbigniew Lisik from the Faculty of Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Control Engineering proposes to replace standard solar collectors with super-efficient solutions developed for semiconductor devices, which are integrated with photovoltaic elements. Thanks to this innovation a solution with high efficiency of converting solar energy into usable energy will be created. 


According to researchers, this innovative solution is competitive to the current market offer and may even turn out to be cheaper. The use of a hybrid solar panel will increase the efficiency of electricity generation.


- Our solution can be widely used in domestic photovoltaic installations and in installations for "small business" - up to 40 kW of rated power, where electricity can be used for own purposes and hot water for technological purposes - explains Prof. Zbigniew Lisik.


Date of record:2020-09-09
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Anna Boczkowska
Zespół projektowy od lewej - z Wydz. Mech. PŁ - prof. P. Niedzielski, dr inż. M. Czerniak-Reczulska, z firmy FlexiPower Group - M. Post, z WEEIA – prof. Z. Lisik, mgr inż. Z. Szczepaniak, dr inż. K. Znajdek