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Research in the field of artificial intelligence developed at Lodz University of Technology

Lodz University of Technology signed a cooperation agreement with Artificial Intelligence Economic Development Corporation (AIEDC) based in the United States. The agreement will cover the implementation of common goals in the field of research and development work related to artificial intelligence.


The signatories of the document are Prof. Krzysztof Jóźwik, Rector of Lodz University of Technology and Leonard S. Johnson, founder and CEO of AIEDC.

As Professor Jóźwik says:

- For obvious reasons resulting from the pandemic, we signed the document remotely, after previous arrangements, which started even before the summer break. The agreement, valid for two years, entered into force on 9 November 2020. The planned cooperation is to include, among other things, sharing the results of research on artificial intelligence and developing research projects, especially with the scientific and business communities in the United States.

In preliminary discussions with the board of AIEDC the idea of a project to be implemented together was born, but for the time being it has a confidentiality clause. A management team was formed in this matter, whose members are scientists from Lodz University of Technology from the Institute of Applied Computer Science with experience and achievements in the development of the latest fields of computer science. These are: Vice-Rector for education dr hab. inż. Andrzej Romanowski Assoc. Prof., dr inz. Tomasz Jaworski and dr inż. Radosław Adamus. The team also includes the AIEDC authorities, Director Leonard S. Johnson and President Prof. Alexander Nawrocki, as well as Member of the Board Kris Skrinak, associated, among others, with Amazon Web Services. It is also planned to invite scientists from the Faculty of Technical Physics Information Technology and Applied Mathematics at TUL.


Prof. Alexander Nawrocki, former Director of NASA National Aeronautics and Space Agency, TUL graduate, explains:


- One of the main objectives of the planned cooperation will be to use the artificial intelligence model developed by Paul Romer, Nobel Prize winner in 2018.

Professor Romanowski, talks about the partner TUL signed the agreement with:

- Artificial Intelligence Economic Development Corporation supports institutions and organizations in developing ideas based on artificial intelligence. The aim of these activities is to lead the project from the idea to its transformation into a profitable product. The use of artificial intelligence must aim at the realization of ideas that will have an impact on the sustainable development of the global economy. Of course, the idea itself is only the beginning. Further on, there is a need for people who can handle the task and, above all, for investors' money. I think that the signed agreement is a step that gives an impulse for action. It is the first but important step.


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Anna Boczkowska
Artificial intelligence