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Remote launch of 5G network at TUL

Construction of the 5G research network on the campus of Lodz University of Technology began in November 2019. On Thursday, May 14, the network was switched on remotely.

The design of the network is carried out by the 5G DIH (5G Digital Innovation Hub) which is comprised of the Institute of Telecommunications - National Research Institute (leader), Lodz University of Technology, Ericsson, and FundingBox.

The launch of the network was preceded by a virtual kick-off meeting attended by: Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Development - Jadwiga Emilewicz, Minister of Digitization - Marek Zagórski, and Deputy Minister - Wanda Buk, the Swedish Ambassador to Poland - Stefan Gullgren, and Marcin Sugak - Director in charge of Development and Business, Ericsson.

Lodz University of Technology hosts the first 5G Polish Digital Innovation Hub, which provides a good example of cooperation between business, administration, and research centers. It will be a testing ground for solutions for a smart city, for smart buildings - Jadwiga Emilewicz, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Development, spoke online. - 5G technology means faster Internet, faster data transfer, state-of-the-art digital services that students, but most of all businesses, will be able to use in order to transform their organization, provide new digital services not only for Poland but for the entire world.

The 5G DIH is an ecosystem that connects suppliers and consumers of 5G technologies, serving as an intermediary between the customer, the supplier, and research and development centers.  - The 5G network is a tool of great importance for the economic development of the country, for the development of businesses, and the telecommunications market - Marek Zagórski, Minister of Digitalization, commented during the online meeting.

On Lodz University of Technology campus, Ericsson installed 5G base stations and the 5G core. The network is operated by the University. -This modern infrastructure enables a large group of researchers to conduct research. We are currently in the stage of validating the technical parameters of the 5G network - professor Sławomir Wiak, rector of TUL and director of the 5G Competence Centre explained. - The pilot infrastructure will be available to TUL students as part of their learning experience e.g. elective modules


In the foreseeable future, the 5G DIH will provide micro-enterprises and SMEs with access to specialized infrastructure for testing and validating 5G technology applications.


The 5G network on TUL campus was funded by the Ministry of Development.


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