Regulations and guidelines - Interdisciplinary Doctoral School

In this subsection all important regulations concerning doctoral training and doctoral candidates will be placed in due time.


IDS present totally new concept of doctoral trainining in comparison to previous doctoral studies conducted at TUL. Many researchers and admisnitrative staff at TUL were involved in the intensive process of preparation of the concept of training at IDS.


Thus, we kindly ask for your forbearance – all needed documents will be published as soon as they will be approved by the Senate and of course in legal timeframes.


Please check the following documents:


Resolution No 18/2020 of the Senate of Lodz University of Technology dated 30th March 2020 on the rules of recruitment to the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School of Lodz University of Technology in the academic year 2020/2021


Resolution No. 19/2020 of the Senate of Lodz University of Technology of 30 March 2020 on establishing the curriculum at the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School of Lodz University of Technology


Please visit also Public Information Bulletin of TUL.

Date of record:2020-04-29
Date of actualization:2021-01-08

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