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Rector of TUL appointed advisor at Łukasiewicz Center

The Rector of Lodz University of Technology, professor Sławomir Wiak, was appointed to the Board of Advisors to the President of the Łukasiewicz Center. He is one of the five representatives of the scientific community on the board.


TUL's Rector, professor Sławomir Wiak, in his office. Photo: TUL archives. Prof. Sławomir Wiak was presented with the letter of appointment by Jadwiga Emilewicz, Minister of Development, at the inaugural meeting of the Board held on Friday, January 24th.


The Łukasiewicz Research Network comprises 37 research institutes, located in 11 cities in Poland, and the Center. One of the goals of the Network is to carry out research projects, including international ones, and to commercialize research outputs.

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Anna Boczkowska,
Profesor Sławomir Wiak, rektor PŁ