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Proposal from TUL receives top marks in start-up competition

Lodz University of Technology start-up AkrimTech won the 11th Young in Łódź competition I have an idea for a start-up. The team from Lodz University of Technology won the main prize - 40 000 zloty, funded by the Mayor of the City of Łódź.


During the ceremonial Final Gala (11 October), the start-up also received the TUL's Rector Award of 6 000 zloty. AkrimTech turned out to be the most promising team and will also be provided with office space, training, and professional consulting service.

AkrimTech is a biotechnology start-up launched in Łódź at the beginning of 2019. The company produces highly efficient Steemore bioreactors for stem cell expansion.

- The staff of the winning start-up includes 7 people, but there are more than 10 involved in the project. It is comprised of employees of TUL, the Medical University of Lodz, the INWIT Consulting firm, and Oxymoron advertising agency - explains dr inż. Aleksandra Stolarska-Ziemińska from the Faculty of Process Engineering and Environmental Protection, a member of AkrimTech. - Together, we have a realistic goal to achieve, a great team, and a growing number of people who support us, so we must not let them down.

In the coming year, AkrimTech is planning to build three prototypes that will be tested by three independent clinics in Poland. In addition, there are plans to extend the patent and promote the invention, also abroad. The start-up is based at Lodz University of Technology, but having won the Young in Łódź competition, the team will be able to use the space in the Bionanopark for six months.


Dr inż. Aleksandra Stolarska-Ziemińska strongly encourages all those who are contemplating a start-up to take the risk and go for it. The competition is a platform for networking of young and mature businesses and an opportunity to get the capital required to start or develop a company.


In the 11th competition 35 innovative ideas competed representing biotechnology, medicine, IT, and art and creativity sectors. Two more teams from Lodz University of Technology were awarded 3 000 zloty each: the ale Chad noSMOK and the P3T Studio.


The Young in Łódź - I have an Idea for start-up is a competition targeted at innovative projects - scientific, technological, and artistic, in the early stages of development. The idea behind the competition is to connect young businesses of different backgrounds with potential contractors and investors.

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Startup AkrimTech z PŁ zwycięzca 10. konkursu Młodzi w Łodzi - Mam pomysł na biznes  fot. Łukasz Ławreszuk