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Professor Krzysztof Jóźwik elected Rector of TUL for the term 2020-2024

On Wednesday, July 8th, the College of Electors of Lodz University of Technology elected a new rector. From September 1, professor Krzysztof Jóźwik, who was the sole candidate nominated by the academic community, will hold office of the rector. He will be succeeding professor Sławomir Wiak, who was not eligible to run for the next term of office.


The election assembly was organized on the premises of the Sports Bay, spacious enough to allow for maintaining the protocol of hygienic and sanitary measures. Masks, gloves, pens, and disinfectant agent were provided.


The event was attended by 111 electors out of 112 elected in the electoral process. 101 votes were cast for professor Jóźwik, which grants him a strong mandate for the office of rector.


After the election, the rector-elect said:

I am honored to be entrusted with the management of our wonderful university with 75 years of tradition and experience. I know what responsibility it is to be in charge of the growth and development of Lodz University of Technology, one of the leading universities in the country and one that is well recognized abroad. I believe that effective cooperation, which I consider to be the foundation of the whole academic community, will allow us to build a better future. Together we will overcome new challenges. The guiding principle for me as rector will be respect for our academic community.


Professor Krzysztof Jóźwik expressed his gratitude to Rector Sławomir Wiak for his support and inspirational cooperation. He expressed his appreciation to the electorate for their trust and support of his candidature, and to the University Electoral Commission for the efficient organization of the election.


Who is the new rector?


Professor Krzysztof Jóźwik is an alumnus of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Lodz University of Technology. He is 58 years old. Having graduated in 1987, he started working at the Institute of Turbomachinery. Twenty years later he was appointed its director. He was a visiting professor at Coventry University and was appointed external examiner by Cranfield University. At Lodz University of Technology, he currently serves as Vice-Rector for Education (he previously held the office in the term 2008-2012). Since March of this year, he has been in charge of the TUL Crisis Management Center established in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.


The rector-elect has completed many a project for business sector, including numerical analyses and design of the rotor propulsion system for the world's fastest helicopter X3. He has collaborated with medical doctors in the field of biomedical engineering. He is a co-creator of a new ventricular assist device for adults, and three types of paediatric devices, and mechanical heart valves. He was a project manager and principal investigator in several research and educational projects. He has co-authored 10 patents and 15 patent applications, supervised 11 PhDs, and currently provides scientific supervision over another 5.


Professor Krzysztof Jóźwik's expertise, professional experience, and management skills have been appreciated by many external institutions.He has served on the Board of the Łódź Regional Science and Technology Park (currently BioNanoPark), the Marshal's Office of the Łódź Voivodeship Scientific Program Council for Revision of Łódź Voivodeship Development Strategy, the Innovation Council of the Łódź Voivodeship, the Energy Working Group at the Ministry of Economy, the Scientific Council of the Zbigniew Religa Foundation for Cardiac Surgery Development.


Professor Jóźwik said this about his leisure pursuits:

I play volleyball representing the University, I windsurf, I enjoy reading books and sometimes do some writing myself. I like going mushroom picking, whereas cooking is my pet hobby.


Visit the website  to see the event photo gallery.


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Profesor Krzysztof Jóźwik nowym rektorem Politechniki Łódzkiej