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Prof. Andrzej Napieralski recognized by the Gdynia Maritime University

During the ceremony, the merits of Professor Andrzej Napieralski for the development of Polish science in the field of electronics, promoting young researchers and making an important contribution to the development of Gdynia Maritime University, including its scientific staff, were highlighted. The international reputation of Professor Napieralski as a specialist in electronics and computer science was also emphasized, in particular his achievements in the field of microelectronics, nanoelectronics and thermal phenomena in electronic components and systems. It is also worth noting that Professor Andrzej Napieralski was committed as a supervisor and mentor in many scientific activities of Gdynia Maritime University.

- The honorary doctorate degree is the highest distinction a university can award to a person of merit for the development of science, society or culture. The awarding of this title means that the honoured person is admitted to the academic community of our University, and one of the external signs of this distinction is the uniform of Gdynia Maritime University, which the honoured person is entitled to wear as of today - said the doctoral thesis supervisor Prof. Krzysztof Górecki, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Gdynia Maritime University.


Prof. Andrzej Napieralski conducts research in the field of electronics, technical informatics and biomedical engineering. He enjoys recognition in the international scientific community, cooperating with prestigious foreign centres and taking part in large international projects. Many of his achievements concern research in the field of microelectronics, nanoelectronics and thermal phenomena in electronic components and systems.


In 2008 he received an honorary doctorate from the Jaroslaw Mądry State University in Novgorod Wielkopolski (Russia). He conducted research and didactic activities at universities in Algeria, France, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Great Britain, Tunisia, Honduras, Canada and USA. At Lodz University of Technology, he heads the Department of Microelectronics and Computer Science, which he founded in 1996.


The scientific achievements of Professor A. Napieralski are impressive: 8 books (2 published abroad), 18 textbooks and scripts (15 foreign), 26 chapters in books (18 in foreign books), 252 articles in peer-reviewed journals and 865 articles in scientific conference materials (731 international). The professor supervised 57 defended doctorate dissertation theses.


Professor Napieralski has been a member of, among others, the Electronics and Telecommunications Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences, since 1996 and chairs the Microelectronics Section of that committee. He has been repeatedly awarded and honoured for his scientific achievements and work for society, among others, he was awarded the Commander's Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta, the Commander's Cross of the Order of Invention (Mérite d'Invention) of the Kingdom of Belgium, and many others.






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Anna Boczkowska
Doktor honoris causa Uniwersytetu Morskiego w Gdyni prof. Andrzej Napieralski oraz rektor uczelni prof. Janusz Zarębski (z prawej) i promotor prof. Krzysztof Górecki