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Polish Bioeconomy Technology Platform

The inauguration meeting of the Polish Bioeconomy Technology Platform (Polska Platforma Technologiczna Biogospodarki) was held at Lodz University of Technology on 2 December (Tuesday). The platform brings together over 60 business partners, research institutions and universities.

During the meeting, authorities of the Platform were chosen. Professor Stanisław Bielecki, rector of Lodz University of Technology, was elected Chairman, whereas professor Tadeusz Tiszka, Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, and professor Kazimierz Kujawa, MASPEX Group, were elected Vice Chairmen.

Bioeconomy stands for a new approach to the development of many areas of the economy, e.g. agriculture and food industry, forestry, fishery, biotechnology and pharmacy. It aims for optimal utilization of natural products and their processing into useful products, clean energy and fuels.

The Platform prepared INNOBIO sectoral programme worth 550 million zloty and submitted it to the National Center for Research and Development. It also intends to participate in the European programme Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (the budget of this project amounts to €3,7 billion) and in other projects in the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020 (the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever with the budget of €77 billion).

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Anna Boczkowska