Medical facilities

Medical facilities

All the registered full-time students and University staff have free medical and dental care
and are also provided with a discount on medicines prescribed by a physician.

Students who come only for a short term within any Bilateral Agreements or Erasmus Agreements are obliged to provide themselves with the proper insurance (European Health Insurance Card).

The Public Health Services cover a wide range of medical specialities and dental services.
Medical care that is provided by the Public Health Services is free of charge for those who have a valid insurance policy (insured in the National Health Fund – Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia NFZ).

You can also use private clinics and laboratories (often very expensive) whose addresses and phone numbers are easily reached in daily newspapers and on the Internet.

The prescribed medicine must be bought at the chemist’s (Apteka) which is open during the normal business hours (some also cover late and night opening, Sundays and public holidays).

Treatment for accidents and emergencies is free for everyone regardless of one’s status or length of stay in Poland. If you require an ambulance, you should always dial 999 for the emergency service or 112.

University Health Service - Adamed
Al. Politechniki 3/5
90-924 Lodz
phone: (+48 42) 631 28 81

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Date of actualization:2014-12-11

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