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As foreign books are relatively expensive in Poland, you can always go to the University library to pursue your studies. Library books may be borrowed from the University libraries. Any registered student (with the special ID card) may use institute, faculty and main library. Photocopying machines are widely available at the University, in libraries and in many other places in the city.

The University Main Library mission is the provision of library and information services to the institution as the whole. A computer-based system has been installed to handle library procedures.

The Main Library

223 Wolczanska Street 

90-924 Lodz

Phone: (+48 42) 631 20 59


The Main Library consists of six branches:

-         the library of Food Sciences,

-         the library of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture,

-         the library of the Faculty of Biotechnology,

-         the library of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering,

-         the fictional library.

The Main Library collects the literature for all the fields of studies offered at TUL and for the related areas. It possesses the following numbers of collections- book- 283 000, newspapers- 803 titles, special collections- e.g. the collections of the Polish norms, patents, PhD works and so on- all together- 231 000).

On Saturdays and on Sundays the Library is closed.


The University has an extensive computer network that provides gateways to both national and international networks. It interconnects all the university units as well as halls of residence.

Computer network

Free of charge access to computers connected to the Internet is available at many faculties - if not sure, ask your supervisor or any student.

A number of computers for students' usage is also available at the IFE and the Main Library.

In every hall of residence there is a broadband (LAN) network connection with access to the Internet available at a nominal price (paid on a biannual basis). The network administrator (who is a member of the Resident Council) of each hall of residence is responsible for connecting new users.


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