The Career Office of Lodz Universirty of Technology helps students and alumni to find the internship. There is a website www.biurokarier.p.lodz.pl where the actual advertisements are placed. Those advertisements are also printed and posted on all departments of University as well as in the building C15 “Społeczny dom Studenta” – al. Politechniki 31 where the Career Office is placed.  Some of these internships are paid. Career Office offers also paid internships  in the framework of European programs.


The Career Office is also a co-organizer of the country's largest Academic Job Fair. The aim of the fair is to allow students of TUL a contact with representatives of small, medium and large companies operating on the Polish market and internationally. Students have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with internships offers, proposed by exhibitors. ATP 2015 (21 April 2015) was visited by about 17,000 interested people who could  meet nearly 120 exhibitors. The next edition of Academic Job Fair takes place on 19 April 2016. More information about event is available on website www.atp.lodz.pl


The Career Office also organizes a number of meetings with employers, open days and regular presentations of their business at the University. In direct meetings with TUL students, employees provide profiles of companies, offer internships or work and the requirements towards their future employees.



The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience



IAESTE TUL   provides traineeships for students of Lodz University Technology including PhD students.

IAESTE TUL provides 30-40% of global polish IAESTE exchange and probably is the biggest Local Committee in the world  (http://65th.iaeste.org/news/sci-in-probably-the-biggest-exchange-lc-in-the-world-of-iaeste/)

Mission of IAESTE is to operate a high quality practical training exchange program between Members in order to enhance technical and professional development and to promote international understanding and goodwill amongst students, academic institutions, employers and the wider community. IAESTE operates irrespective of race, colour, sex or creed.

Through the IAESTE exchange program students may secure training abroad, usually for periods up to 12 weeks in the summer time. and may be taken in ‘one to one’. This means one internship at home is exchanged for another abroad.

All fields of study where practical experience is an essential adjunct to the study course are included in the IAESTE exchange. IAESTE training placements are available in industrial and commercial Organisations, Research Institutes, Laboratories and Academic Institutions, covering a wide range of disciplines.

Students then apply in their home countries where the most qualified candidate is selected and their nomination is sent to the receiving country which then forwards it to the Employer, who has the opportunity to accept the candidate.

Once the candidate is accepted, the receiving country works with the sending country to ensure that the student has all the necessary permits and/or visas to go abroad and undergo the traineeship.

Students can obtain paid practical experience in their field, make professional contacts - the building blocks of tomorrow's world - and participate in organised leisure time activities and excursions with IAESTE all over the world, being supported with practical arrangements (i.e. work permits, visas and accommodation).

How to get an intership

In order to take part in exchange student should report to LC in November . There will be created classification list at the beginning of February. According to it traineeships will be distributed. There are several factors influencing on place student will take on the list: average from last year or final grade from diploma (postgraduate students), language exam grade (carried by the Language Center; language is chosen by a student)






TUL realizes student exchange for traineeships under Erasmus since 2007/2008.

126 students benefited from grants for placements in the academic year 2014/2015. The table below presents the numbers of students going abroad for placements in particular years:











 The students did their placements in 20 countries (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, Latvia, Malta, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Sweden, Great Britain, Italy).

The most popular countries of destination are Great Britain (27 students), Netherlands (16 students) and Germany (11 students). 


Students mostly did 2 month placements (46 students), nevertheless a lot of students did 3 month placements ( 41 students). The average length was 3 months (14 weeks).


The traineeships took place in private companies (62 students) and international universities (64 students).


The grant amounted to 600/500/4000 EUR per month depending on the country of destination. The rules for grant division are available on www.erasmus.p.lodz.pl.


Recruitment is run on two levels: the faculty and the central one. Faculty Coordinators take decision upon accepting students for receiving a grant on the basis of their study results, knowledge of a foreign language, motivation and compliance of the traineeship with the study area.

Conditions of placement are stipulated in the Training Agreement and approved by supervisor in the receiving institution, home coordinator for placement and Vice-Dean for Student Affairs.

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Date of actualization:2015-12-14

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