International programmes

International Faculty of Engineering (IFE), founded in 1992, is the unit where all the courses are taught in English and French.


The main target of IFE is to educate future engineers, who apart from the professional knowledge possess perfect command of foreign languages.


All the programs have been designed to include the following:

-          Fundamental topics in basic science,

-          Engineering problems,

-          Engineering design skill formation, including the development of problem-solving skills,

-          Computers and computer technology, including the application of computers to engineering and engineering management,

-          Entrepreneurship, management, organisation, commerce, and English or French language.


At present there are about 1000 students at first and second cycle studies. More details can be found at the web-site: www.ife.p.lodz.pl


International Faculty of Engineering

36 Żwirki Street

90-924 Łódź

e-mail:   ife@adm.p.lodz.pl


phone: (0 48 42) 636 53 08
fax: (0 48 42) 636 06 52


Lodz University of Technology is also a partner four two running Erasmus Mundus consortia- partnerships.

From the academic year 2015/2016 the Erasmus + exchange with Ukraine was started.

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