International Faculty of Engineering IFE

IFE Director

dr inż. Tomasz Saryusz Wolski

Telephone: (42) 638 38 49

E-mail: tomasz.saryusz-wolski@p.lodz.pl


International Studies Office BSM

Żwirki 36, building A-16, office no. 208
90-539 Łódź


Tasks of the International Studies Office:

initiating and maintaining contacts with entities from the socio-economic environment,

organizing seminars and conferences with co-operating partners,

assisting students and graduates of the International Faculty of Engineering in their professional development,

co-operation with partners aimed at development of an innovative educational offer.




mgr Sylwia Frydrychowska-Celmer

phone: (42) 638 38 47

e-mail: sylwia.celmer@p.lodz.pl


mgr Anna Telecka

phone: (42) 638 38 51

e-mail: anna.telecka@p.lodz.pl


Student Office BS


Żwirki 36, building A-16, office no. 211
90-539 Łódź


Tasks of the Student Office:

organization and implementation of study programmes, in co-operation with the faculties of Lodz University of Technology and foreign partners, leading to dual diplomas and joint degrees,

development and implementation of modern methods and forms of education,

active involvement of the staff from foreign universities in the education process,

assistance to Polish students of the International Faculty of Engineering and postgraduate studies,

assistance to foreign students during a full course of study,

assistance to students of a double diploma course,

providing teaching staff.




mgr Joanna Olejnik


Telephone: (42) 638 38 30

E-mail: : joanna.olejnik@p.lodz.pl


mgr Zuzanna Panasiuk

Telephone: (42) 638 38 33

E-mail: zuzanna.panasiuk@p.lodz.pl


mgr Agata Kaźmierczak

Telefon: (42) 638 38 34

Mail: agata.kazmierczak@p.lodz.pl


mgr Agata Antonik

Telephone: (42) 638 38 31

E-mail: agata.antonik@p.lodz.pl


mgr Anna Gruszczelak

Telephone: (42) 638 38 61

E-mail: anna.gruszczelak@p.lodz.pl

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Date of actualization:2019-09-05

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