International Cooperation Service Centre COWM

Accreditation and International Rankings Division SARM


Żwirki 36, building A-16, office no. 110
90-539 Łódź

Tasks of the Accreditation and International Rankings Division:

  • preparation of the accreditation process, including necessary procedures, documentation and other support measures for basic units of the TUL,
  • preparation of the data collection model necessary for the participation of Lodz University of Technology in international rankings, ranking data management, publication of annual reports,
  • maintaining statistics for rankings and accreditations,
  • ongoing administration related to accreditations and rankings.



mgr Justyna Kopańska


Telephone: (42) 638 38 76

E-mail: justyna.kopanska@p.lodz.pl


mgr Joanna Stawicka

Telephone: (42) 638 38 71

E-mail: joanna.stawicka@p.lodz.pl


mgr Urszula Żelazko

Telephone: (42) 638 38 18

E-mail: urszula.zelazko@p.lodz.pl



Student Mobility Division SMS

Żwirki 36, building A-16, office no. 113, 120
90-539 Łódź


Tasks of the Student Mobility Division:

  • assistance to students of Lodz University of Technology leaving for foreign mobility programmes,
  • assistance to foreign students arriving at Lodz University of Technology under mobility programmes,
  • assisting the mobility of incoming and outgoing students under dual diploma agreements,
  • assisting the internships of incoming and outgoing foreign students,
  • recruitment of foreigners for a full cycle of study (foreigners studying according to principles other than Polish citizens),
  • organization of summer Polish language courses for foreigners,
  • maintaining a register of interinstitutional agreements Erasmus+,
  • administration of the Mobility Tool programme with regard to students,
  • administration of the POWER programme with regard to student mobility,
  • monitoring the quality and quantity indexes related to internationalization,
  • maintaining statistics related to the mobility of the TUL students,
  • reporting on the mobility of the TUL students,
  • administration of the Erasmus+ website at the TUL,



mgr Magdalena Drabek-Glapińska


Telephone: (42) 638 38 42

E-mail: magdalena.drabek@p.lodz.pl


mgr Mariola Józefowicz

Telephone: (42) 638 38 41

E-mail: mariola.jozefowicz@p.lodz.pl


mgr Magdalena Żygłowicz

Telephone: (42) 638 38 40

E-mail: magdalena.zyglowicz@p.lodz.pl


mgr Joanna Włodarczyk

Telephone: (42) 638 38 63

E-mail: joanna.wlodarczyk@p.lodz.pl


inż. Krzysztof Podstawek

Telephone: (42) 638 38 46

E-mail: krzysztof.podstawek@p.lodz.pl


mgr Joanna Auguścik

Telephone: (42) 638 38 66

E-mail: joanna.auguścik@p.lodz.pl


mgr Volha Dvoskina

Telephone: (42) 638 38 67

E-mail: volha.dvoskina@p.lodz.pl


mgr Ewa Jarzębowska

Telephone: (42) 638 38 68

E-mail: ewa.jarzębowska@p.lodz.pl


mgr Agnieszka Wierzbińska

Telephone: (42) 638 38 64

E-mail: agnieszka.wierzbinska@p.lodz.pl; foreignstudents@info.p.lodz.pl


Alina Rudenko

Telephone: (42) 638 38 64

E-mail: foreignstudents@info.p.lodz.pl


Daniel Kolas

Telephone: (42) 638 38 43


International Educational Projects Division SMPE

Żwirki 36, building A-16, office no. 110
90-539 Łódź


Tasks of the International Educational Projects Division:

  • administrative support for international projects (Erasmus+, FSS, POWER and others),
  • monitoring and reporting in international projects - including the annual ERASMUS+ report,
  • management of the TUL participation in international networks,
  • promotion of international educational projects among the TUL staff,
  • support in the organization of summer schools and special programmes at the TUL faculties,
  • preparation and management of dual diploma agreements.



dr Aleksandra Januszkiewicz


Telephone: (42) 638 38 72

E-mail: aleksandra.januszkiewicz@p.lodz.pl


mgr Małgorzata Jarczyńska

Telephone: (42) 638 38 73

E-mail: malgorzata.jarczynska@p.lodz.pl


mgr Małgorzata Świt

Telephone: (42) 638 38 74

E-mail: malgorzata.swit@p.lodz.pl


mgr Alina Wujcik

Telephone: (42) 638 38 75

E-mail: alina.wujcik@p.lodz.pl


Staff Mobility Division SMK


Żwirki 36, building A-16, office no. 111
90-539 Łódź


Tasks of the Staff Mobility Division:

  • management of the staff mobility process at the TUL,
  • administration of the Mobility Tool programme with regard to the TUL staff,
  • providing assistance to visiting professors,
  • assisting foreign delegations at the university level,
  • monitoring the quality and quantity indexes related to the internationalization,
  • maintaining statistics on the TUL staff mobility,
  • reporting on the TUL staff mobility.



mgr inż. Agnieszka Roganowicz


Telephone: (42) 638 38 48

E-mail: agnieszka.roganowicz@p.lodz.pl


mgr Agnieszka Jagielska

Telephone: (42) 638 38 69

E-mail: agnieszka.jagielska@p.lodz.pl


mgr Emilia Błaszczyk

Telephone: (42) 638 38 70

E-mail: emilia.kowalczyk@p.lodz.pl


mgr Ewa Leśnik

Telephone: (42) 638 38 77

Mail: ewa.lesnik@p.lodz.pl


mgr Paulina Danieluk

Telephone: (42) 638 38 17

E-mail: paulina.danieluk@p.lodz.pl


Promotion and International Information Division SPIM

Żwirki 36, building A-16, office no. 210
90-539 Łódź


Tasks of the pPromotion and International Information Division:

  • promotion of the TUL abroad,
  • organization of national promotional events held at the International Faculty of Engineering, including the organization of the Mobility Week,
  • organization of integration meetings and other events for foreigners,
  • organization of the inauguration of the academic year for students of the International Faculty of Engineering and a ceremony for graduates of the International Faculty of Engineering,
  • photographic documentation of events organized by the International Cooperation Centre,
  • maintaining the positive image of the International Cooperation Centre internally and outside,
  • co-operation in the development of promotional materials,
  • promotion and electronic information, including administration of the International Cooperation Centre website and social networking sites,
  • publishing a promotional material magazine.



mgr Anna Gryszkiewicz


Telephone (42) 638 38 32

E-mail: anna.gryszkiewicz@p.lodz.pl


mgr Małgorzata Spodenkiewicz

Telephone (42) 638 38 20

E-mail: malgorzata.spodenkiewicz@p.lodz.pl

Date of record:2017-09-29
Date of actualization:2019-09-05

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