Internationalisation is one of the pillars of the strategy of Lodz University of Technology with regards to research, education and other activities carried out in cooperation with the public and micro economic environment. For the last 25 years of its intense activity, the International Faculty of Engineering (IFE) has provided abundant evidence of the University's commitment to ensuring its adequate engagement with the international arena. IFE is a world-renowned innovative centre offering degree programmes in 16 technical fields of study taught in English and one taught in French. In 2017, a new organisational unit - TUL International Cooperation Center - was established at TUL to ramp up the implementation of the strategy of the internationalisation of the University, and to strengthen its standing as an innovative academic centre on the European Map of Higher Education.


TUL is one of the leaders of Erasmus student exchange and is proud to have been declared a ‘mobility friendly university’. It is also a leader in student exchange for long-term summer placements and traineeships abroad within the IAESTE programme. Since 2000, as the national coordinator of the Baltic University Programme, TUL has worked to harmonize the efforts of 60 Polish universities also involved in the Programme. TUL international cooperation in science and research projects and student exchange involves over 520 institutions in 65 countries. 200 of these involve projects with strategic partners.


In 2014, as a logical link connecting science and education, International Doctoral School (IDS) was established at the University (IDS) which brings together young international researchers. IDS, in recognition of its activities, was announced the winner of the LUMEN 2015 Leaders in University Management competition in the category „Internationalisation”.


In 2017, IFE in collaboration with the Embassy of France in Poland and L`Agence Universitarie de la Francophonie (AUF), an international association, launched a prestigious long-term project, the French Academy of Young Engineers (FAMI). The youth participating in it carry out international projects on advanced technologies and addressing social challenges.


The University is also a member of the European Society for Engineering Education, which deals with engineering education in Europe. 

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