The cooperation of TUL with foreign universities, research centres and industry began together with establishing the University. Nevertheless, in the 1980s it took a different dimension and is presently developing dynamically.

We collaborate under the projects of the Framework Programme (15 in the V FP and 30 in the VI FP), 72 two-sided agreements, about 200 bilateral agreements under the Socrates/Erasmus Programme and in less formal way with 810 universities, centres and companies from 55 countries.

Each year there are 900 academic and scientific staffs and 720 students (out of them 320 within the Socrates Programme and 90 realising IAESTE training) participating in conferences and training in order to conduct mutual projects. Yearly we accept about 240 foreign visitors and about 400 foreign students.

We take part in regional and international programmes such as Socrates, Framework Programmes, CEEPUS, TEMPUS, MIRRA, DAAD, Polish – British Joint Programme. We seize opportunities offered by foundations, organizations and governments of various countries – Fulbright, Marie Curie–Sklodowska, Monbusho, IAESTE, NATO grants, Polonium… allow us to realize international cooperation in various forms and at different levels like mutual research work, publications, training, elaborate modern curricula, etc.

TUL aims to develop double diploma system. Today our students may obtain double diploma in cooperation with the following universities:
Polytech’ Nantes – France
Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Arts et Metiers de Cluny – France
Ecole Centrale de Lyon – France
Turku Polytechnic – Finland
Avans Hogeschool – Netherlands
University of Southern Denmark – Denmark
Denmark Technical University – Denmark
Coventry University – Great Britain
Universidad Politechnica de Catalunya – Spain (PhD degree)
Lappeenranta University of Technology – Finland (PhD degree)

We place the major emphasis on internationalisation of education and continuous improving of its quality. Therefore, we incorporate the European Credit Transfer System, give Diploma Supplement, have all the TUL faculties fully recognize the study periods abroad; the International Faculty of Engineering included the European Project Semester into its curriculum, we participate in consecutive Quality Assessment Projects, modernize the didactic background of the University, increase the level of quality of teaching foreign languages, and the University authorities actively take part in organizations and committees work aiming at incorporating an assessment system into universities schedules, modernize curricula and the whole system of education according to the Bologna Declaration.

We wish everyone studying, lecturing or just visiting TUL to feel that it is the University of the highest world level, with, at the same time, a friendly and open attitude towards everyone.


Date of record:2007-05-29
Date of actualization:2016-11-24

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