IDS Scientific Council - Interdisciplinary Doctoral School

The competences of the IDS Scientific Council include among others:


  • determination of the main directions of activity and development of IDS;
  • periodic review and evaluation of educational programs implemented under IDS, in particular in terms of: quality of training, the proper selection of subjects and forms of teaching activities required to achieve the assumed learning outcomes;
  • determination of compliance of the learning outcomes with the directional effects;
  • proposing changes in education programs implemented under IDS;
  • carrying out other tasks and competences resulting from the IDS Regulations.


The IDS Scientific Council is composed of recognized researchers representing all disciplines, as well as doctoral candidates.


The IDS Scientific Council includes:

1. TUL Vice-Rector for science: prof. dr hab inż. Ireneusz Zbiciński


2. Representatives of scientific domains:

  • Materials Engineering

DSc. Hieronim Szymanowski, assoc. prof. TUL

DSc. Marcin Barburski


  • Mechanical Engineering

Prof. DSc. Przemysław Perlikowski


  • Control, Electronic and Electrical Engineering

DSc. Stanisław Hałgas, assoc. prof. TUL


  • Telecommunication and computer science

DSc. Piotr Szczypiński, assoc. prof. TUL


  • Chemical Sciences

Prof. DSc. Dariusz Bieliński


  • Food Technology and Nutrition

DSc. Radosław Bonikowski, assoc. prof. TUL


  • Transport and Civil engineering

DSc. Marcin Koniorczyk, assoc.prof. TUL


  • Architecture and Urban planning

Prof. DSc. Marek Pabich


  • Management and Quality Sciences

DSc. Magdalena Grębosz, assoc. prof. TUL

DSc. Marek Matejun, assoc. prof. TUL


  • Chemical Engineering

DSc. Adriana Nowak


  • Mathematics

DSc. Marek Galewski, assoc. prof. TUL


  • Physical Sciences

Prof. DSc. Katarzyna Pernal


Representative of doctoral candidates’ council: mgr inż. Paweł Adamski.


Date of record:2019-05-30
Date of actualization:2019-11-08

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