Financial support

Financial support for students

According to the Polish Law every Polish student is eligible for different forms of financial support:

- social support

- special support for students with disabilities,

- Rector's scholarship for the best students,

- Minister's scholarship for the best students,

- special help in difficult situations.

The financial support is awarded on the basis of student’s application.

To receive the social support one has to present evidence (documents) confirming that his parents’ monthly income per family member is very low. The support may be awarded if the income per person does not exceed the limit defined by the University. The student can also have the social support increased if accomodated in the student dormitory or an a rented flat.

The Rector's scholarship for the best students is awarded to students who in the previous academic year had a good average of marks or had significant scientific achievements, sports achievements or artistic achievements.

Social support for students with disabilities is awarded to students who reported this fact to the University and presented a disability confirmation.

Special help in difficult situations- in the difficult situations such as: deaths, ilness, accidents, students can apply for special help.


The detailed list  defining the rules of the payment and awarding of scholarships  can be found at the following webpage: http://www.p.lodz.pl/pl/lista/pomoc-materialna-dla-studentow


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