Facts and numbers

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Year of founding - 1945


Total number of staff- 2 829

Number of academic staff - 1 356

Number of professors - 245


Number of students (first-cycle programmes, second-cycle programmes) -

18 698


Number of Ph.D. students (third-cycle programmes) - 677


Number of fields of study - 42

Number of graduates in 2014 year - 3 768


Strong position in university rankings


We are the only university in Lodz to have a place among the national top ten universities in the Perspektywy magazine university ranking. The University ranks fourth in the Best Technical University category.


Recognized by students


Lodz University of Technology was recognized as PROStudent University 2011. The title was awarded by the Student Parliament of the Republic of Poland. In 2009, TUL was the first university in Poland to be awarded the prestigious ECTS Label

Certificate by the European Commission. In 2013, not only was the University once again recognized with the ECTS Label, this time for the years 2013 - 2016, but was also awarded the Diploma Supplement Label.


Mobility conducive 


More than 2000 students have graduated from programs offered in foreign languages. TUL is the only university in Poland with such a wide range of programs in foreign languages

offered at its International Faculty of Engineering. On top of that, selected courses are taught in English at each of TUL's faculties.


Every year, several hundred of our students - the highest number of all technical universities in Poland - go to study at foreign universities - a feat acknowledged by the National Erasmus Agency in Poland, which awarded the University the title of “Mobility Friendly University”.


More than 30 percent of the entire summer student placement exchange is completed within the IAESTE program, which means that TUL receives and sends out the highest number of students to complete their placements abroad. TUL is also one of two Polish universities participating in the Campus Europae student exchange network.


Preferred by students


TUL is the fourth most frequently selected university according to a Ministry for Science and Higher Education report.


Mobility conducive



Going strong


TUL has been listed on the prestigious 2012 Forbes Diamonds list as the only university among many businesses.  Forbes Diamonds is a ranking of enterprises which most rapidly increase their



Transferring knowledge from university to industry


As one of the biggest universities in the country, TUL plays an important role in increasing the economy’s  competitive edge not only in the Lodz region but also on the national and international arenas.  TUL’s Technology Transfer Center  together with its Technology Transfer Office provide support for effective cooperation of the academic community and business. This is an example of creativity and initiative in research as well as in transfer and commercialization of advanced technologies and solutions. 


Offering degree programs in key fields for knowledge-based economy 


Since 2008, Lodz University of Technology has been involved in the Ministry for Science and Higher Education project under which the best students of technical, mathematical and natural sciences, among them TUL’s students of civil engineering, textile design, mathematics, automatic control and robotics, and computer science, have been receiving special scholarships as well as benefiting from additional courses expanding their knowledge and competences. 


Open to students of all ages


In 2008, TUL’s Children’s University welcomed its first students. The only children’s university operating within a technical university, it sets only one admission requirement:  that its students be 7 to 12 year old.  Its mission is to inspire children’s curiosity and to teach in a simple and fun way. 


In 2007, TUL opened its secondary school. Most of its graduates go on to study at one of the degree courses offered at TUL. TUL also has something for seniors. Third Age University was established in 2006 with the aim of including the elderly into the process of lifelong learning  in order to empower them psychophysically.


The hustle and bustle of the TUL’s 32 ha campus hardly ever ceases. The park, the old villas that used to belong to industrialist of the yesterday and now have been adapted to suit academic and scientific needs, art galleries and concert halls, the 3000 places in 9 student halls of residence – all of which makes one proud to be part of the TUL’s community. 




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