facilities for special needs students

Lodz University of Technology  is opened for the students with disabilities.

The majority of buildings, especially the ones which were modernized recently and the students dormitories are adjusted and equipped in the correct way to meet the needs of the students with disabilities (driveways, lifts, toilets).

On 1st April 2008, in order to meet the needs of the students with disabilities, the authorities of TUL created the Office for People with Disabilities. It is the continuation and the expansion of the role of the Rector’s Representative for Students with Disabilities. In this way all the activities are now managed by this Office.

The Office would like to support all the disabled students at TUL, even if their disabilities are not officially recognized.

The main tasks of this Office are as follows:

·        help with the current problems in the university life,
·        understanding the needs, problems and expectation of students with disabilities,
·        helping the faculties to implement the solutions to adjust the University to the needs of people with disabilities and helping them with individual problems,
·        getting rid of the barriers in the access to the informational and educational resources,
·        providing information and pieces of advice to students and staff members with disabilities as for their rights and services available,
·        taking actions to facilitate the social integration and professional activities for students with disabilities.

Office for Students with Disabilities

Al. Politechniki 5 (II DS, budynek C-13).
tel. +48 42 631 28 87
e-mail: bon@adm.p.lodz.pl

Students with disabilities who go abroad in the framework of LLP-Erasmus program can apply for additional grant.


Date of record:2008-12-09
Date of actualization:2014-12-11

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Agnieszka Michałowska-Dutkiewicz,

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