Experts acknowledged for the 7FP Scientific researchers of TUL

1. Professor Janusz M. Rosiak

The Institute of Applied Radiation Chemistry

Chemical Faculty

Center of Excellence: "The Usage of Lasers and Biomaterials in Medicine"

Technical University of Lodz

Expert for the International Agency of Nuclear Energy

Expert in the field of: biomaterials, drug delivery systems, biomedical engineering, radiation sterilization, radiation technique and polymers

Contact: rosiakjm@mitr.p.lodz.pl




2. Doctor engineer Ryszard Tosik

Institute of General and Ecological Chemistry

Research Group: Chemical Technology and Environmental Protection

Expert in the field of: Water and wastewater treatment, modern oxidation processes used in environmental protection

Contact: : rtosik@p.lodz.pl




Date of record:2007-08-08
Date of actualization:2014-12-11

Submited by:
Karolina Zwierzchowska,