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Doctoral candidate from TUL gets off to a good START

Foundation for Polish Science has announced a list of 100 most talented young scientists. Among the awarded researchers in the START program is Dominik Banat of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, TUL. 



Dominik Banat is a doctoral candidate at the Department of Strength of Materials, TUL. Professor Radosław Mania is his scientific supervisor.

Dominik Banat's scientific interests emerged at the beginning of his studies at Lodz University of Technology. - I wrote my first research paper during my second year of the inżynier (first-cycle) degree program at  International Faculty of Engineering. At that time I was nominated to the group of outstanding students of Lodz University of Technology and I was able to pursue the Accelerated Individual Path of Studying. As a result, I was able to complete my inżynier and magister degree studies two years sooner than the curriculum required. In October 2018, I started my doctoral studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Lodz University of Technology. In 2019, I graduated from Cranfield University in Great Britain with the degree of Master of Science by Research in Manufacturing Engineering.


Also worth noting is the fact that Dominik Banat is the winner of the 2017 Best Graduate of Lodz University of Technology competition. 


This year, 845 candidates submitted their applications to the START program. START is the oldest scholarship program in Poland for the best young scientists representing all fields of science. It has been running for 28 years. Its aim is to provide support to outstanding young researchers and encourage their further scientific development.


The winners of the START scheme receive a considerable annual academic scholarship that they can use for any purpose they deem necessary.


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Anna Boczkowska
Dominik Banat, doktorant z Wydziału Mechanicznego PŁ