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Coronovirus disease information and update

Dear Members of the TUL Community,

In response to the dynamic epidemiological situation connected with coronovirus disease COVID-19 (pneumonia caused by coronovirus SARS-CoV-2), I advise all staff and students (including doctoral students) against non-essential travel abroad. Similarly, it is advisable that all planned visits of foreign staff and students are subject to cancellation provided they do not generate substantial losses that could be detrimental to the university's finance or international collaboration.

All other cases should be decided upon by the Deans. More complex situations should be consulted with the Rectors.

In the case of personal travel plans, all TUL staff and students (including doctoral students) should observe regulations and recommendations issued by the Chief Sanitary Inspector, World Health Organization and the European Centre for the Prevention and Disease Control.

The above announcement is in effect until further notice.

With kind regards,

Professor Sławomir Wiak Ph.D., D.Sc.
Rector of Lodz University of Technology



Date of record:2020-03-09
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Anna Boczkowska,