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Boeing has awarded another grant for Children’s University of Lodz

This is the thirteenth grant from Boeing for Children's University of Lodz operating at Lodz University of Technology. 


- This is a big surprise, because I admit that although the application was submitted in March, I didn't count on it being granted in the current situation. This makes it all the more pleasing. Thanks to this we can continue to develop. Although it's much more difficult online, but I admit that I'm watching our virtual activities and it gives me a lot of joy - says happy Anna Janicka, director of Children's University of Lodz.

This semester, Children's University of Lodz offers online classes and classes "from a different perspective" to children. Within the latter you can choose one of three interesting blocks.


Theatre guide "Arlekin" - workshops will be led by actors of Henryk Ryl Puppet Theatre Arlekin in Lodz. Workshop participants will see how they perceive the world of people who deal with art on a daily basis. They will learn about the actor's workshop and theatre as good fun, which brings people closer together. They will learn how to create a character to be reliable for the audience. How to find the right emotions in themselves? What gestures to use and how to move around? 


In the second block - Emergency Room for Wild Animals - workshops will be conducted by Wild Animals Rescue - Mysikrólik Foundation. During the workshop, children will learn how to behave in case of a meeting with a wild animal, which seems to need help. How to assess whether they really need it and what we can do. By learning about the behaviour of wild animals in the vicinity of humans, they will learn the appropriate behaviour and will know whether and how to help.


The third block - Explore the secrets of the world of the Deaf is a workshop prepared by the DEAF RESPECT Foundation. They will be led by Asia - a deaf person accompanied by Marta - an interpreter from sign language to phonic language. During the workshop the culture of the Deaf will be introduced, myths and facts will be disproved.  During the workshop Asia will tell how to behave during the first meeting with the Deaf.

- These classes "from a different perspective" are intended to introduce a smile, a bit of joy and, of course, interest in different topics, because nowadays children are expected only to learn with little time for pleasure. I think that these classes are a substitute for our lectures, which made children more sensitive to the world around them and which for the obvious reasons were suspended - explains Anna Janicka.


 Moreover, Children's University of Lodz is conducting workshops for teachers and preparing a conference for children: the first part will be prepared by children from Primary School 81 and the second part by Volunteers. But this is already part of the Phereclos international project, in which Children's University of Lodz participates.

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Anna Boczkowska
Anna Janicka, dyrektorka ŁUD z dziećmi na zdjęciach, fot. arch. ŁUD